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Every customer touchpoint is unique, impactful, and resourceful. But, growing organizational complexities and thriving digital communications have added multiple layers of delay in reaching out to existing and new customers. This is putting organizations under continuous pressure to not only solve these business challenges at a lower cost but also accelerate their growth engine.

Pimcore Business Consulting

Pimcore business consulting is focused on helping organizations build future-proof strategies to analyze, modernize, and automate their mission-critical business processes that deliver the most significant impact.

Our business consulting services provide the building blocks your company needs to improve data management capabilities and reset and redefine experience across all customer touchpoints—creating the journey beyond mainstream channels.

Pimcore business consulting engagement includes building consensus around a high-level strategic vision and developing a detailed strategic roadmap. Our dedicated experts will work alongside you to build solutions that empower your organization to set the pace for disruption.

Key Services

Data Management Strategy

Help you understand and harness the full potential of data, including master data, product data, and customer data to achieve higher performance, addressing the risks and opportunities.

  • Data Transformation and Data-Driven Insights
  • Data Consolidation, Data Quality, and Data Integration

Digital Strategy and Transformation

We empower enterprises to use digital technologies and approaches to enable a fundamental change in their business models (e.g., shifting from physically selling products to physically and digitally selling products).

  • Digitalization and Process Automation
  • Design Thinking for Digital Experience

Digital Operation Improvement

Enable you to transform and optimize digital operations, including digital marketing, sales, channel management approaches to better serve targeted customer segments, maximize sales, and minimize costs.

  • Digital Marketing, Digital Assets, Content and Commerce Strategy
  • Multichannel and Omni-channel Experience Strategy

Next-Gen Technology Integration

We make it easier for enterprises to use next-gen technologies (AI, ML, and VA) to develop new (digital or physical) products and services or integrate with their existing digital landscape for intelligence and innovation.

  • Structured Innovation
  • Creative Product Management

Digital Customer Experience

We help companies in building digital customer experience strategies and models, bringing in the right set of frameworks and solutions to keep and expand the loyal customer base and drive up revenues and profits.

Our Business Consulting Approach

Every business problem can have several solutions, but not all of them are right for achieving your goals. Thus, a clear understanding of the gap or deviation between the current state and the desired objective is imperative for finding the right solution.

Our ‘Design Thinking’ approach enables you to enhance your understanding of a specific problem and provides the complete solution for your problems.

Pimcore Business Consulting Approach


Customers want superior services, relevant information and great products on their own terms – regardless of the channel, device and time.
Discover Retail Solutions
Efficiently managing product data is critical for brands – especially for brands that sell online or via marketplaces.
Discover Brand Solutions
Consistent and excellent product data is key to travel. Finally, it’s about accommodations, flights, packages, tickets and events and how this whole itinerary fits together, also in terms of data.
Discover Travel Solutions
Expectations of retailers have increased enormously, especially where time to market is concerned.
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Distributors face a multitude of challenges concerning their product data. They have to meet the heightened expectations of both the buyer and the supplier.
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Why Pimcore

  • Our expert team of consultants help you strategize, design, and implement digital platforms. Ready to travel at any time and to any country
  • We have access to 3000+ expert developers in various other skill sets to help integrate Pimcore in any ecosystem
  • We specialize in Cloud Hosting, and we provide the fastest response time
  • We provide training remotely or at your company or client locations

In our continued effort to deliver best-in-class services, it is our goal to go beyond the defined level of maturity and create processes that foster excellence. Know More

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