Case Study: Investment Management Firm Grows Sales With Less Effort

HI operates in the field of real estate investments, asset management, project development, and portfolio management. The firm primarily manages public funds, money market funds, pension funds, open real estate funds, and hedge funds for its clients. It invests in public equity markets across the globe.

Business Needs

Hi needed a content management system to coordinate sales partners and internal processes. Hi existed in a non-digital market where all sales documents and presentations were printed out and manually distributed. They identified a gap in the market where they could gain a competitive advantage by presenting and selling their real estate assets through a digital platform. With their legacy system, it was very time consuming to manage all the documentation and lost time was often associated with lost sales. With a disorganized manual system, there was often missing or repetitive information during the sales cycle which made their processes seem unprofessional and complex. All the departments within HI needed to have consistent information and this was very difficult to achieve due to the ineffectiveness of their management system.

Pimcore Solution

Pimcore’s solution provided a comprehensive content management system with the suite of tools they needed for maintaining their large collection of real estate assets. All required information could be presented on a clean, modern website including user-friendly features and new and improved customer experience. All data and sales documentation was placed in a single location and easily accessible for every sales-person. Due to the increased organization, they were able to quickly provide buyers with all necessary paperwork; therefore, closing deals faster and moving on to new deals. 

Business Results

Since Pimcore’s implementation, HI has continuously observed business benefits and they expect more will come over time. For the time being, the newly organized processes have allowed them to save time in which they can reallocate to more important business initiatives. Instead of spending time searching for paperwork and manually presenting it, they can instead spend time working on more sales and marketing efforts. With more professional processes, customers are more trusting and HI has been able to gain more respect for their brand. As time goes on, HI will continue to measure the business benefits as a result of Pimcore.

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