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POLITICO Pro is an American political journalism company with 500 employees. It distributes content through its website, television, printed newspapers, radio, and podcasts.

Business Needs

While policy professionals on the Hill and within corporations and communications firms—to name just a few—read POLITICO daily, few understood the value of a customized POLITICO Pro subscription. Timely information and nuanced insight, delivered throughout the day precisely the way the user wants it, means POLITICO Pro is more than a source, it’s a valuable resource for anyone who creates, effects, or is influenced by policy. The challenge was to produce one marketing site that could quickly and compellingly address the needs of several audiences.

Pimcore Solution

Pimcore partner agency Grafik created an information architecture that quickly gets across POLITICO Pro’s high-level benefits to all, while inviting each visitor to self-select their particular area of expertise. In this way, the vast array of topics and equally impressive line-up of tools—content that could easily overwhelm a site visitor—are presented in a way that demonstrates how POLITICO Pro truly makes each day easier for time-constrained and super-competitive Washington insiders. The key was gaining a solid understanding of each audience, knowing which aspects of Pro were most important to them, and giving them the opportunity to dig deeper into exactly how a subscription will keep them a step ahead each day. Creating this welcoming and credible introduction to a truly powerful tool meant having a firm grasp of how all this information would ladder up to that first interaction. The wireframes not only presented visual variety, they were created to provide different experiences depending on the type of features served up as specific benefits for each target.

Business Results

Grafik built out the POLITICO Pro website with focused messaging based on a hierarchy of needs and images that both reflected the policy areas covered and demonstrated the ways that information is delivered.

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