Technologie & Architektur

Pimcore wird vom führenden Technologie-Stack im Web angetrieben. Es basiert auf einer standardisierten, robusten, modularen, offenen und serviceorientierten Architektur - zu 100% API-gesteuert. Dies bedeutet, dass die Skalierung und Implementierung von Pimcore und neuen Funktionen weniger Zeit und Geld kostet.  Entwickler lieben Pimcore, denn die Entwicklung von Webanwendungen war noch nie einfacher und schneller.

Integriert sich nahtlos in Ihr Unternehmen

Pimcore wird vom Benutzer direkt in einem Webbrowser aufgerufen und bedient. Es ist kompatibel mit jedem Betriebssystem, wie Windows, MacOS oder Linux. Zu den kompatiblen Browsern gehören Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer und Safari. Die benutzerfreundliche Oberfläche ist kontextsensitiv und erlaubt intuitives Arbeiten mit Daten. Redakteure lieben es. Programmierer lieben es. Benutzer lieben es.

Offener Technologie-Stack, hervorragende Konnektivität

Entwickelt als Framework für die Erfüllung von Anforderungen selbst der anspruchsvollsten Unternehmen. Basierend auf dem führenden und aktuellsten Technologie-Stack von PHP / Symfony, MySQL, Elastic Search, Redis und Varnish. Realisieren Sie komplexe Web-Anwendungen in kürzester Zeit. Pimcore ist die ideale technologische Grundlage für innovative Unternehmen. Es integriert sich nahtlos in bestehende Geschäftsprozesse und kann mit jeder externen Software verbunden werden.

Infrastruktur Ihrer Wahl

Pimcore ist kostenlos für die Bereitstellung vor Ort oder für den weltweiten 24/7-Zugriff über die Cloud verfügbar. Die Bereitstellung vor Ort umfasst das Hosten von Pimcore auf Ihren lokalen Servern hinter einer Firewall, wobei die Daten zu 100% privat bleiben. Hybridszenarien sind möglich, um Daten zwischen privaten und öffentlichen Infrastrukturen zu synchronisieren. Wir liefern fertige Images für Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud und andere führende On-Demand-Cloud-Computing-Anbieter. Darüber hinaus wird Pimcore bald als Platform as a Service (PaaS) verfügbar sein.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about scalability and performance?
Pimcore is used in highly agile global environments and at Fortune 500 companies with millions of pages, digital assets and products, hundreds of editors and millions of monthly visitors. Due to the use of leading technologies such as MySQL, PHP, Elastic Search, Mongo DB and Varnish, Pimcore scales very well.
Why is this software free? What's the catch?
Pimcore is 100% licensed open-source and thus available free of charge. Free for developers, small businesses, and large global enterprises. Pimcore does not rely on selling licenses. It makes money out of selling optional service level agreements, training and professional services, such as implementation and consulting.
What is the best way to learn Pimcore as a developer?
To get started, we recommend having a look at our public demos. You can download them and use them as a boilerplate to get started with a new project. Download Pimcore for free and just work with it by relying on our developer documentation. If you like, you can book optional developer trainings ranging from 1 - 10 days.
Learn more about training
Is it possible to use an Oracle Database instead of a MySQL Database for Pimcore?
It is not possible to use an Oracle Database. Pimcore is only compatible with MySQL. Any MySQL compatible database (e. g. MariaDB or Percona) can be used. Learn more about the database setup in our developer documentation.
Learn more about the database setup
How can we handle the deployment and staging processes, including database migration?
Learn more about the recommended staging and deployment process in our developer documentation. Special topics can be dealt with in the community forums or via the consulting services we provide.
Deployment recommendations
Is it possible for us to customize or extend your solution at source level?
Yes, the software is fully open source and can be customized and extended to your needs. You can even modify the core while still being able to receive all product updates.
Learn more in our developer documentation
Is it possible to write a generic REST API for product data of multiple customers in the same industry?
Yes, if you are using a generic data model you can easily write a generic API. Or you can use the existing, built-in REST API as well.
Learn more about the Pimcore REST API
Our understanding is that Pimcore is not a multi tenant solution, rather a company could set up a division with its own users and product catalogs. Is that correct?
Each instance of Pimcore writes into one separate, single database. To write into multiple databases, multiple instances would have to be set up. Pimcore helps companies gain ownership of their own users, data and product catalogs (based on individual company structure, product data, and business model).
What is your release and update cycle? 
Our core development team is driving the continuous development of the product road-map and new features. Daily development and the source code are transparently visible on Github. Therefore the community can always see what is happening. Typically, each year a major release is published and every 2 months a minor release. We always ensure that new versions are downwards compatible to previous versions.
View roadmap
How easy is it to update Pimcore?
By using the PHP tool Composer, Pimcore can easily and steadily be kept up-to-date. We recommend that updates are performed by your implementation partner or service provider.
Is Pimcore an out-of-the-box product?
Pimcore is the leading open source platform for managing digital data and a fully integrated software stack for CMS, DAM, PIM and Commerce. As a platform, Pimcore provides a solid foundation with generic functionality for all kinds of web applications and therefore allows rapid application development and building customer solutions really fast. Pimcore is built for developers and empowers them to build great digital experiences easily. As a consequence, Pimcore is NOT an ‘out-of-the-box’ software product like WordPress, Magento, Akeneo, WooCommerce, Shopify and others. You need a developer to get started.
Explore our developer documentation
Are PIM, DAM and CMS standalone applications?
Pimcore comprises of four main product modules: PIM/MDM, DAM, CMS and eCommerce. These modules can be used together as well as standalone according to the business need. By using multiple modules you can leverage platform possibilities of linking products with CMS pages, digital assets with CMS pages and digital assets with products.
How can I contribute to Pimcore?
First of all thanks for your support, you can access information related to contributing to Pimcore on GitHub.
Learn more
Which IT security standards are met by Pimcore?
Pimcore meets the highest safety standards. As a framework Pimcore is not certified as such, but the individual customer solutions themselves are directly certified by independent agencies. These ongoing project certifications ensure optimal coverage of meeting latest security standards for the core product.

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