Tags for organizing large amount of data

During our last sprint towards the release of pimcore 4 we added a very handy feature when it comes to organizing large amount of data. This feature is called tags.

With tags it is possible to create additional taxonomies and classifications for data stored in pimcore. Tags are managed centrally within a tree structure and can be assigned to documents, assets and objects.

Once assigned the data can be searched based on the assigned tags in the pimcore search dialog. You also can use the tagging information in your websites and custom frontends for filtering, organizing and visualization since they are accessible via API too.

We think this is a really powerful enrichment for pimcore that can be used for lots of use cases and are curious how you like it and for what you use it for.

For details see the documentation or try our demo


In terms of pimcore 4 are good on track and looking forward to release it within the next few weeks.

Christian Fasching
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