Ateles creates and develops the future of eCommerce. Based on market-leading platforms Ateles delivers innovative and user-friendly solutions customized to their clients' unique needs. Ateles was founded in 2001 and operates from offices in Stockholm, Linköping, and Oslo.

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Pimcore Kenntnisse
Digital Commerce Framework
Magento Integration
Pimcore Strategic Partner Ceritfied Subscription Integrator
  • 7 Jahre Pimcore Partner
  • 2 Zertifizierte Pimcore Enterprise Developer
  • 4 Zertifizierte Pimcore Consultants
  • 4 Zertifizierte Pimcore Senior Developer
  • 7 Zertifizierte Pimcore Junior Developer
  • 3 Case Studies
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C.A.G Ateles AB
Kungsgatan 37
583 30 111 56 Stockholm
+46 13 21 10 20

weitere Standorte
Oslo, Norwegen

Erfolgsgeschichten dieses Pimcore Partners

„Ateles” gewinnt „Pimcore Partner of the Year 2019“ Award

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass unser geschätzter Partner „Ateles“ zum „Pimcore Partner of the Year 2019“ gewählt wurde. Die 2001 gegründete eCommerce-Consulting-Firma hat ihren Sitz in Linköping/Schweden.
Oktober 01, 2019

Melbye Skandinavia

Melbye Skandinavia is a marketing and sales organisation with subsidiaries in Scandinavian countries. The head office is in Oslo, Norway, but the group has a total of 10 direct sales offices.
DXP/CMS, PIM/MDM, Digital Commerce, DAM, CDP, Großhandel

Digitization of Automotive Brand by Pimcore and Magento

Harald A. Møller is Norway's largest car importer and stands for the import of Volkswagen, Audi, ŠKODA and now SEAT in Norway. SEAT is today Europe's fastest growing car brand.
PIM/MDM, Automotive & Fahrzeugbau

Fashion Brand Increases Speed to Market With Pimcore PIM/MDM

Global lifestyle clothing brand GANT has a presence in 70+ countries with 740+ physical stores and a strong digital commerce focus. They have a total yearly turnover of more than $1.3 billion.
PIM/MDM, Mode & Bekleidung

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