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PDF Editable

This editable requires Ghostscript installed on your server. See System Requirements


The PDF editable allows you to embed asset documents (pdf, doc, xls, ...) into documents.


Name Type Description
width integer Width of the viewer (default 100%)
height integer Height of the viewerin pixel
fullscreen bool Allow fullscreen or not
hotspotCallback closure Possibility to add custom attributes on hotspot <div> tags, ... see example below
class string A CSS class that is added to the surrounding container of this element in editmode


Name Return Description
getData() array Returns all stored data for this editable
isEmpty() boolean Whether the editable is empty or not
getElement() Asset Returns the assigned Asset Document


Basic usage

<div class="pdf">
    <?= $this->pdf("myPdf", ["width" => 640]); ?>

This looks like the following in editmode:

PDF editable - the empty area

A user can now drag documents there from the Assets tree:

PDF editable - drag a document

Processing Metadata

You're also able to add some meta information (for example hotspots) on every page of the assigned PDF. Add metada to the PDF editable

The example below shows how you can retrieve this information:

<div class="pdf">
    <?= $this->pdf("myPdf", [
        "hotspotCallback" => function($data) {


            return $data;
    ]); ?>

The output:

array(5) {
  ["top"] => int(0)
  ["left"] => int(0)
  ["width"] => float(16.181229773463)
  ["height"] => float(12.5)
  ["data"] => array(2) {
    [0] => array(3) {
      ["name"] => string(4) "note"
      ["value"] => string(26) "This page isn't up-to-date"
      ["type"] => string(8) "textarea"
    [1] => array(3) {
      ["name"] => string(7) "updated"
      ["value"] => bool(false)
      ["type"] => string(8) "checkbox"

As you can see, you're able to get information about every metadata added to specified page. In that case, on the first page of the pdf document you can find the textarea note and the unchecked checkbox.

Pimcore PDF - Possible Javascript Methods

The PDF editable also, allows you to use javascript actions. There is always created a javascript object named: pimcore_pdf, which contains an object for every pdf editable on this page.

The list of available actions:

Function Name Description
pimcore_pdf["myPdf"].toPage(3) go to the page 3
pimcore_pdf["myPdf"].nextPage() go to the next page
pimcore_pdf["myPdf"].prevPage() go to the previous page