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Amazon AWS Setup Guide & Best Practice Configurations

This guide works using Pimcore version => 4.2.0 (build 3878)

App-Server (EC2 + EBS)

We recommend a Debian based setup. Provision as many nodes as needed. See also our Docker example configuration.

Database (Aurora)

There's nothing special to consider, but of course it's necessary to configure Aurora according to your database size and structure (innodb_buffer_pool_size, ...).

Cache (ElastiCache)

We recommend using the Redis engine, with the following settings:

maxmemory-policy allkeys-lru
# memory depends on the amount and structure of your data
maxmemory 512mb

File Storage

You have 3 choices:

  • Locally on EBS (recommended for single instance setup)
  • Certain files like website/var/assets and website/var/tmp on EFS (recommended for multi instance setup)
    • Mount EBS volume on all instances under a certain path
    • Create symlinks for website/var/assets and website/var/tmp ... or use contants.php to overwrite default locations
  • Certain files like website/var/assets and website/var/tmp on Amazon S3 (recommended for multi-zone setup)

CDN (CloudFront) & Elastic Load Balancing

Setup as normal and adapt the configuration to your CDN needs (rewriting the frontend paths). Details: see CDN - Amazon Cloudfront


If you are running a single instance on AWS there's nothing special to consider. You can modify your object classes directly in the admin interface and deploy your code to the EBS volume (via EC2).

Cluster Deployment

If you're in cluster-mode deployment needs more attention.

Please notice:
Never ever make any configuration changes that reflect on files (like object class modifications, static routes, document types, predefined properties, system settings, thumbnails, etc.) in cluster-mode!

  • Prepare & test all your changes on a test-system
  • Deploy the following to all EC2/EBS instances
    • Your code changes, basically everything in /website/ except /website/var
    • everything in /website/var/classes (if you changed a class, field collection or object brick)
    • everything in /website/var/config/ (Note: you can use multi environment configurations to specify different configurations for different environments)
  • Run the following commands in order to recreate the database schema according to your changes in the class editor and clear the cache
php pimcore/cli/console.php deployment:classes-rebuild
php pimcore/cli/console.php cache:clear

Done, that's it!
Everything should work as before.

Known issues

  • Using S3: A remote object storage (HTTP based) can't be as fast as a local storage, bear that in mind!