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Shared Translations

Pimcore provides a simple translation-tool based on \Zend_Translate - Shared Translations or formerly Website Translations.

It automatically uses the locale specified on a document. If no locale is present, you can still register a locale manually in your code using \Zend_Registry::set("Zend_Locale", new \Zend_Locale("en"));

For using the shared translations in frontend, just use the translate helper of \Zend_View in your templates with <?= $this->translate("translation_key") ?> or also by using a shorthand <?= $this->t("translation_key"); ?>.

Once a translation-key is requested Pimcore registers the key in the translation administration, and you can edit all the translations in a grid in Pimcore backend at Extras > Translation > Shared Translations.

Shared Translations

Available languages are defined within the system languages, see here.

Working with shared translations in Code

Example in Website\Controller\Action

namespace Website\Controller;
use Pimcore\Controller\Action\Frontend;

class Action extends Frontend {
    public function init () {
        $locale = new \Zend_Locale('en_US');
        \Zend_Registry::set('Zend_Locale', $locale);

Example in Templates / Views

    <address>&copy; <?= $this->translate("copyright") ?></address>
    <a href="/imprint"><?= $this->translate("imprint") ?></a>
    <a href="/legal"><?= $this->translate("legal_notice") ?></a>

    <address>&copy; <?= $this->t("copyright") ?></address>
    <a href="/imprint"><?= $this->t("imprint") ?></a>
    <a href="/legal"><?= $this->t("legal_notice") ?></a>

Pimcore backend functionalities

Sorting & Filtering on language level (ExtJS 6 only)

Sorting Shared Translations

Translation Export & Import

Translations can be exported to a CSV file and then re-imported later on.

Translation Export

Translations are still imported automatically as long as the translation key does not exist in the target system or the translation itself is still empty. Conflicts (i.e. the translation in the target system does not match the version of the source) are shown in an overview tab and then can be merged manually.

Translation Import