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Number Datatypes

Both numeric data types (number and slider) are stored as a number in a DOUBLE column in the database. To set numeric data, a number must be passed to the according setter. The two fields merely differ in their GUI input widgets and the fact that the slider has a min/max value and step size, which the numeric field does not have.


Numeric Field

The numeric data field can be configured with a default value. In the GUI it is represented by a spinner field.

Numeric Configuration


In the GUI a slider can be used as a horizontal or vertical widget. It needs to be configured with a min and max value, the increment step and decimal precision.

Slider Configuration

Quantity Value

This is a numeric datatype that also allows to specify a unit.

Start off with defining a global list of known units.

Quantity Value Configuration

This can also be achieved programmatically.

$unit = new Pimcore\Model\Object\QuantityValue\Unit();
$unit->setAbbreviation("km");   // mandatory

In the class editor, it is possible to restrict the list of valid units on a field-level.

Quantity Value Configuration

Only those units will be available then.

Quantity Value Field

The following code snippet shows how to set a value.

use Pimcore\Model\Object;
$parent = Object::getByPath("/");
$object = new Object\Test();
$unit = Object\QuantityValue\Unit::getByAbbreviation("km");
$object->setHeight(new Object\Data\QuantityValue(27, $unit->getId()));