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Other Datatypes


Link Field

A checkbox field can be configured to be checked by default when a new object is created. This can be achieved by checking Default value in the object field settings. In the UI a checkbox is displayed as a simple checkbox.

It is stored in a TINYINT column in the database with the value 0 or 1.

In order to set a checkbox value, a bool value needs to be passed to the according setter of the object:


Link Field

In the UI a link is displayed as text. Its details can be edited by clicking on the button next to the link text. In the object class definition there are no special configurations available for an object field link.

The link object field has its own data class which is Pimcore\Model\Object\Data\Link. In order to set a link programmatically an Pimcore\Model\Object\Data\Link object needs to be instantiated and passed to the setter:

$l = new Object\Data\Link();               
$l->setTitle("Visit pimcore.org");               

In the database the link is stored in a TEXT column which holds the serialized data of an Pimcore\Model\Object\Data\Link.

In the frontend (template) you can use the following code to the the html for the link.

$object = Object::getById(234);
  <li><?= $object->getMyLink()->getHtml(); ?></li>