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Develop for Pimcore

Start contributing to Pimcore and become an official Community Developer - we are thankful for your support. For details on how to contribute have a look at your Contributing Guide.

Short Summary:

Bug Fixes

Please create a pull request including a step by step description to reproduce the problem.

Contribute Features

Contact the core-team before you start developing (contribute@pimcore.org) so we can coordinate feature development and avoid parallel development of similar features. Don't forget about the documentation for your new feature!

Security Vulnerabilities

Please contact us (security@pimcore.org)

So, in very short - just fork us on GitHub and contribute code with pull requests ;-).

PSRs (PHP-FIG) & Standards in General

Pimcore is an active member of the PHP-FIG and committed to standards and interoperability, therefore we always try to implement the latest standards. At the moment Pimcore implements the following PSRs:

  • PSR-1 (Basic Coding Standard)
  • PSR-2 (Coding Style Guide)
  • PSR-3 (Logger Interface)
  • PSR-4 (Autoloading Standard)

Please also keep that in mind when contributing to Pimcore.

For further information please have a look at http://www.php-fig.org/