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Notes & Events


Notes & Events are primarily used to log changes or events on elements independently from the versioning. This includes changes made by marketers, editors, automated importers / synchronisations, .... Simply everything that has nothing to do with the data itself but is important to know.

Use cases

  • An importer (CLI-script) that adds information to objects which changes were made
  • Marketers / SEOs adding information which changes were made on documents like "optimized for keyword xyz ..."

There are really nearly endless possibilities what to do with Notes & Events.

Create Notes & Events

Using API

use Pimcore\Model;
$object = Model\Object::getById(4);
$note = new Model\Element\Note();
$note->setTitle("changed availabilities to xyz");
// you can add as much additional data to notes & events as you want
$note->addData("myText", "text", "Some Text");
$note->addData("myObject", "object", Object_Abstract::getById(7));
$note->addData("myDocument", "document", Document::getById(18));
$note->addData("myAsset", "asset", Asset::getById(20));

And this is how the entry looks like:

Notes & events - the grid preview

Add Events in Pimcore backend UI

You could also add the note directly in the edit view of objects, documents and assets.

Notes & events - add a note manually