See original CacheCollectorPass in FrameworkBundle. This injects our core Pimcore cache into the cache collector.
The debug.stopwatch service is always defined, so we can't just add it to services if defined. This only adds the stopwatch to services if the debug flag is set.
Our migration commands and installers rely on Doctrine Migrations, but don't demand to activate the migrations bundle.
The application logger has a dependency on the monolog.processor.psr_log_message service which is only registered conditionally by the monolog bundle (depending on if a handler using the PSR log message processor is registered). As the application logger fails if the processor service is missing, we register it conditionally here.
Adds tagged navigation renderers to navigation helper
Adds a setPimcoreContextResolver() call on event listeners implementing PimcoreContextResolverAwareInterface.
Sets a pimcore.service_controllers parameter which contains all controllers registered as service as an id => class mapping. Controllers are recognized if they match one of the following:
Adds a call to set the PHP templating engine to all helpers implementing TemplatingEngineAwareHelperInterface
Overrides the core web debug toolbar listener