Export setup

The asynchronous export of the data is done with a console command.

The command can be setup and executed directly as cronjob by just executing the datahub:export:file command (for details see --help option) or can be setup via ProcessManger.

Execution via Process Manager

To setup execution via ProcessManager, add a Pimcore Command datahub:export:file.


  • If you only want to export the queue items (Trigger for delivery == Populate to queue) you have to add the parameter --only-queue-items. For example: --config-id="test-json --only-queue-items.
  • In the Command options field you have to provide the DataHub configuration name/id as config-id parameter of the export, for example --config-id="test-json"

In the Loggers tab you can define the logging parameters. Settings like this should be enough most of the time...


After the configuration you can run the command manually with the Execute button, or the cronjob is executing it if you have defined it in the configuration.