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Fieldcollection Mutations

This is an experimental feature and subject to change without notice.

A Field Collection is a list of items which can have different types.

Since there is no Union input type in GraphQL, the approach for Fieldcollection mutations is different.

The mutation processor expects a list of items for a specific type. Within the list, all items are listed with their indices and data.


mutation {
		id: 1143
		input: {
			content: {
				replace: false
				items: {
					NewsText: [{ index: 1, text: "news text" }]
					NewsCars: [
						{ index: 0, relatedCars: [{ type: "object", id: 318 }, { type: "object", id: 38 }] }
            { index: 2, title: "new cars", relatedCars: [{ type: "object", id: 156 }, { type: "object", id: 184 }] }
	) {



The index is optional. If no index is provided then an autoincrement is used.

Replace vs. Overwrite

If replace is set to true (default is false) then the entire collection will be replaced. Otherwise individual items will be overwritten.