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Data Sources

Every data importer configuration needs a data source. Following data sources are available and can be configured.


Data Source Asset

Loads data from an asset stored within the Pimcore instance.

Configuration Options:
  • Path to asset


Loads data from a (remote) sftp location.

Configuration Options:
  • Host
  • Port
  • Username
  • Password
  • Remote Path: Absolute path on remote location.


Loads data from a (remote) http location.

Configuration Options:
  • Schema: one of http:// or https:// which is prepened to the URL.
  • Url: Url to file without schema definition (which is added based on schema configuration due to security reasons).

This implementation uses php wrappers internally, so encoding username and password is supported as follows:


The push data source does not download the data from a remote location, it provides a http endpoint where data can be pushed to via a POST request.

The data needs to be in the configured file format and provided as raw content of the POST request. The push data source internally uses php://input to read the content.

The URL for the endpoint is: http(s)://<YOUR_DOMAIN>>/pimcore-datahub-import/<IMPORT_CONFIGURATION_NAME>/push

Configuration Options:
  • API Key: API Key that needs to be set as authorization header for every push request.
  • Ignore not empty queue: By default, imports are only started when import queue is empty (see also Import Execution Details). Thus pushing data to the endpoint when import queue is not empty would result in an error. Activating this flag will ignore existing items in the queue and always adds items to the queue when data is pushed to the endpoint.