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Extend via Custom Strategies

The bundle architecture easily allows extension and customization of many parts of the importing process.

Following strategies and configuration options can be extended all following the same schema:

  • Data Sources
  • File Formats
  • Resolver Loading Strategies
  • Element Location Strategies
  • Element Publishing Strategies
  • Cleanup Strategies
  • Transformation Pipeline Operators
  • Data Targets

Extending Schema

Extending one of the listed strategies and configuration options needs following steps. Also, have a look at the current implementations to see how things are working.

1) PHP Implementation

PHP implementations always need to implement an interface (e.g. DataLoaderInterface for data sources). Sometimes there is also an abstract base class, that already implements certain functionality. Try to use them if possible (e.g. AbstractInterpreter for FileFormats). It is of course also possible to extend existing implementations.

2) Registering implementation as symfony service

The php implementation needs to be registered as symfony service and tagged accordingly. Tag name defines the extension point (e.g. pimcore.datahub.data_importer.loader for data sources) and type defines the actual type of the extension. It must be unique and is also the link to values in the configuration file and the JavaScript implementation.

            - { name: "pimcore.datahub.data_importer.loader", type: "http" }

3) JavaScript Implementation

Create a JavaScript class which meets following requirements:

  • Located in a certain namespace depending on the extension point (e.g. pimcore.plugin.pimcoreDataImporterBundle.configuration.components.loader.* for data sources).
  • Extend the pimcore.plugin.pimcoreDataImporterBundle.configuration.components.abstractOptionType class.
  • Define a type attribute that matches the type of the service definition, e.g. type: 'http'
  • Implement a function buildSettingsForm that creates and returns a form with all necessary setting field for the exension.