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This bundle depends on Pimcore Datahub bundle. This needs to be installed first.

To install Pimcore Data Importer use following commands:

For Pimcore version >= 10.2:

composer require pimcore/data-importer

For Pimcore version < 10.2:

composer require pimcore/data-importer:~1.2.2

To enable the bundle:

./bin/console pimcore:bundle:enable PimcoreDataImporterBundle

Make sure, that priority of Datahub bundle is higher than priority of Data Importer bundle. This can be specified as parameter during bundle enablement or in Pimcore extension manager.

Bundle Configuration

Configure following commands to be executed on a regular base. The actual interval depends on use cases and system environment.

# Check cron configurations and execute necessary import definitions
* * * * * php /home/project/www/bin/console datahub:data-importer:execute-cron

# Process import queue items that can be executed in parallel
*/5 * * * * php /home/project/www/bin/console datahub:data-importer:process-queue-parallel --processes=5

# Process import queue items that need to be executed sequentially 
*/5 * * * * php /home/project/www/bin/console datahub:data-importer:process-queue-sequential 

See Import Execution Details for more information about sequential and parallel execution.