Pimcore Direct Edit

Pimcore Direct Edit allows you editing Pimcore assets locally in your preferred editor and upload them right away back to Pimcore.

Features in a nutshell

This feature consists of two parts:

  • The Pimcore Direct Edit Bundle needs to be installed into Pimcore and provides all the necessary server-side features like:

    • New button in asset detail page for starting local editing
    • APIs for Pimcore Direct Edit Client to
      • download asset
      • re-upload asset
    • Status modal for observing local file edit
      • wait for changes to be uploaded
      • apply changes to Pimcore
  • The Pimcore Direct Edit Desktop client needs to be installed on every client machine and takes care of downloading files, opening editors and uploading changed versions back to Pimcore.


Open Edit Button in asset detail page

Open Button

Start editing dialog

Open Dialog

Local editing and waiting for changes

Local Edit

Apply changes to Pimcore

Apply Changes

Further Information