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Version: 2023.1

UUID Support

Note This feature requires UUID bundle to be active. Please make sure that you have \Pimcore\Bundle\UuidBundle\PimcoreUuidBundle::class entry in your config/bundles.php and make sure that the bundle is installed and enabled.

Pimcore provides a toolkit for UUID-support. To activate the UUID-support, an instance identifier has to be set manually in the config.yaml file.

instance_identifier: 'your_unique_instance_identifier'

Once set, Pimcore automatically creates an UUID for each newly created document, asset, class and object. With the class Tool\UUID you have access to the UUIDs as follows:

use Pimcore\Bundle\UuidBundle\Model\Tool;

//get UUID for given element (document, asset, class, object)
$uuid = Tool\UUID::getByItem($document);

//get element for given UUID
$document = Tool\UUID::getByUuid($uuid);

//create and save uuid for given element
$uuid = Tool\UUID::create($document);