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Version: 2023.1

Docker-Based Installation

You can use Docker to set up a new Pimcore Installation. You don't need to have a PHP environment with composer installed.


  • Your user must be allowed to run docker commands (directly or via sudo).
  • You must have docker compose installed.
  • Your user must be allowed to change file permissions (directly or via sudo).

Follow These Steps

  1. Choose a Package to Install and create the project via composer
    • We offer 2 different installation packages:
# demo package with exemplary blueprints (`pimcore/demo`)
docker run -u `id -u`:`id -g` --rm -v `pwd`:/var/www/html pimcore/pimcore:php8.2-latest composer create-project pimcore/demo my-project
# empty skeleton package for experienced developers (`pimcore/skeleton`).
docker run -u `id -u`:`id -g` --rm -v `pwd`:/var/www/html pimcore/pimcore:php8.2-latest composer create-project pimcore/skeleton my-project
  1. Go to your new project cd my-project/

  2. Part of the new project is a docker compose file

    • Run echo `id -u`:`id -g` to retrieve your local user and group id
    • Open the docker-compose.yaml file in an editor, uncomment all the user: '1000:1000' lines and update the ids if necessary
    • Start the needed services with docker compose up -d
  3. Install pimcore and initialize the DB docker compose exec php vendor/bin/pimcore-install --mysql-host-socket=db --mysql-username=pimcore --mysql-password=pimcore --mysql-database=pimcore (for demo package the installation can take a while)


If you choose to install backend search (which is installed by default), you must also adapt the supervisor configuration and add the pimcore_search_backend_message receiver to build up the search index.

  1. ✔️ DONE - You can now visit your pimcore instance:


Make sure to use any sort of caching to improve performance. We recommend Redis cache storage.

Additional Information & Help

If you would like to know more about the installation process or if you are having problems getting Pimcore up and running, visit the Installation Guide section.

Automating the Installation Process

For more information about ways to automate the installation process, have a look on Advanced Installation Topics.