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Version: 2023.2


Following is a list of all cronjobs needed by the CMF bundle. Depending on the project requirements, the execution interval might be different and some of the cronjobs might not be needed at all.

Segment Building Queue

Handles the calculation of asynchronous segments by processing the segment building queue. This is needed for segments which could not be calculated directly for performance reasons.

* * * * * php /home/project/www/bin/console.php cmf:build-segments -v > /home/project/www/log/cmf-build-segments-queue-lastrun.log 

Action trigger queue

Handles the execution of delayed actions in ActionTrigger rules.

* * * * * php /home/project/www/bin/console.php cmf:process-actiontrigger-queue -v > /home/customerdataframework/www/website/var/log/cmf-process-actiontrigger-queue-lastrun.log 

Cron Trigger

This cronjob is needed if cron triggers are used in ActionTrigger rules. Important: this needs to run once per minute!

* * * * * php /home/project/www/bin/console.php cmf:handle-cron-triggers -v > /home/project/www/log/cmf-cron-trigger-lastrun.log 

Calculate potential duplicates

Analyzes the duplicates index and calculates potential duplicates which will be shown in the potential duplicates list view.

* * * * * php /home/project/www/bin/console.php cmf:duplicates-index -c -v > /home/project/www/log/cmf-potential-duplicates-lastrun.log 

CMF Maintenance

This cronjob should be configured to be executed on a regular basis. It performs various tasks configured in services.yml and tagged with cmf.maintenance.serviceCalls.

* * * * * php /home/project/www/bin/console.php cmf:maintenance -v > /home/project/www/log/cmf-cron-maintenance-lastrun.log 

Newsletter Queue

Processes the newsletter queue. This job should run once every x minutes (e.g. every 5 minutes) when the newsletter/mailchimp sync feature is needed.

* * * * * php /home/project/www/bin/console.php cmf:newsletter-sync -c > /home/project/www/log/cmf-newsletter-sync-lastrun.log 

Mailchimp status sync

Should run as a night job. Synchronizes status updates from Mailchimp to Pimcore if webhook calls failed. This is important to ensure data integrity also when the system is down for several hours. Setup a Pimcore user name (e.g. mailchimp-cli) in the CMF config - this user will be visible in the versions history (see Configuration). The CLI user needs no special rights - it's just needed to identify the updates in the versions history.

* * * * * php /home/project/www/bin/console.php cmf:newsletter-sync -m > /home/project/www/log/cmf-mailchimp-status-sync-lastrun.log