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Version: 2023.2

Customer Save Manager

The customer save manager is responsible for all actions/hooks which are executed when a customer object is saved. It consists of several parts:

Customer Save Handlers

Customer save handlers special PHP classes that are executed when a customer gets saved and can be used to normalize, validate, optimize or modify customers on save.

Customer save handlers need to be registered as symfony services with the tag "cmf.customer_save_handler". So it is possible to add multiple customer save handlers to one project. Take a look at the CustomerSaveHandlerInterface for how to implement them. The interface consists of methods for each Pimcore object event (preAdd, postAdd, preUpdate etc.).

Additionally it is possible to get the original customer object from the database. This is handy to compare if some fields got changed.

Example service definition

class: CustomerManagementFrameworkBundle\CustomerSaveHandler\NormalizeZip
tags: [cmf.customer_save_handler]

Built in customer save handlers

The CMF offers the following customer save handlers out of the box. They are all located in the namespace CustomerManagementFrameworkBundle\CustomerSaveHandler and need to be enabled as services by adding a corresponding service with the tag cmf.customer_save_handler to the container. Also have a look at their constructors to see possible configuration options.


Removes invalid characters from an email field.


Tries to normalize zip numbers. For example A-1010 would become 1010. It offers zip correction regexes for several countries. It would be possible to extend the logic for other countries.


Maps a salutation field to a gender field. This can automatically adjust the gender based on the salutation.


Sets the email field to an empty value if the given email address is in a defined blacklist.


Marks an email address as valid if it has a valid format. Marking as valid means that a special checkbox get checked.


Allows to setup a logic for overwriting field values based on other field values.

class: CustomerManagementFrameworkBundle\CustomerSaveHandler\AttributeLogic
- from: profileStreet
to: street
overwriteIfNotEmpty: true
- from: profileZip
to: zip
overwriteIfNotEmpty: true

In this example "street" will be overwritten if "profileStreet" changes (the same for zip and profileZip). If overwriteIfNotEmpty is set to false the to field will be overwritten only when it's empty.

Important: The field value of the to-field will be overwritten only if the from field changed during the current save process and the to-field value did not change.

Automatic Object Naming Scheme

The CMF automatically applies a naming scheme for customer objects depending on a configured logic. This automatic naming scheme can be disabled if not needed.

Example configuration
enableAutomaticObjectNamingScheme: true

parentPath: /customers
archiveDir: /customers/_archive
namingScheme: '{countryCode}/{zip}/{firstname}-{lastname}'

If the CMF is configured like this example, all customer objects would be automatically saved within the folder /customers as sub folders starting with the countryCode of the customer object then the zip code as second level and the customer object itself would get a object key with {firstname}-{lastname}. The CMF automatically will add some postfixes if a customer object with the same key exists in the folder hierarchy.

There are two customer folders which can be configured. parentPath is the regular customer folder and archiveDir will be applied for customers which are unpublished and inactive.

Customer Save Validator

If enabled the customer save validator will throw exceptions when the customer is invalid according to it's implementation. These exceptions can be used in try/catch blocks in order to check if the customer is valid. In the Pimcore backend an error message will alert if somebody tries to save an invalid customer.

Example configuration
checkForDuplicates: true
- [email],
- [firstname, name, zip]

- [email]
- [firstname, lastname, zip, street]

In this example a customer will be validated during save by 2 different ways. 1) First it would be checked if either the email address or the field combination firstname+name+zip is filled up. It's possible to define 1 to x field combinations here. 2) Second the CMF also searches for duplicate customers and declines saving the customer if duplicates exist. Here again the applied field combinations can be configured.

Save Customer with Disabled Hooks

In most cases it's sufficient to just call $customer->save() to save a customer object. Sometimes it's needed to save a customer without validation or without applying for example customer save handlers or segment builders.

The CMF offers a special SaveOptions class to handle the enabled state of all hooks when a customer gets saved.

Caution: only disable parts of the save options if you are sure that it is needed!

$customer = Customer::getById(1234);

// Disable all hooks and also Pimcore versioning.

// Disable all hooks but enable Pimcore versioning.

// Globally disable on save segment building and also the segment builder queue

// Save customer with disabled object naming scheme but let the global state untouched
// (`getSaveOptions(true)` will deliver a cloned instance of the save options)
$saveOptions = $customer->getSaveManager()->getSaveOptions(true)

// Save customer with enabled object naming scheme even if it is disabled by default in the config
$saveOptions = $customer->getSaveManager()->getSaveOptions(true)