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Version: 2024.2

Adding Document Types

Defining custom documents can be done in the config via a static mapping from document type to class name.

Prior to 10.6, the only way to define custom documents was to create them in a special namespace Pimcore\Model\Document. This is still possible, but the document can be in any namespace as long as the document is correctly registered.

To register a new document, you need to follow 2 steps:

1) Create the document class

The document must extend Pimcore\Model\Document. Lets create a Book document (the namespace does not matter but it's best practice to put your documents into a Model\Document sub-namespace):

// src/Model/Document/Book.php

namespace App\Model\Document;

class Book extends \Pimcore\Model\Document
// do override the type here
protected string $type = 'book';

2) Register the document on the document type map

Next we need to update configuration to include our document. This can be done in any config file which is loaded (e.g. /config/config.yaml), but if you provide the editable with a bundle you should define it in a configuration file which is automatically loaded. Example:

# /config/config.yaml

class: \App\Model\Document\Book

Do not use to override a class

The type_definitions should only be used to add new documents. If you want to override an existing class please use the pimcore:models:class_overrides instead. For a more detailed explanation see Overriding Models.