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Version: 2024.2

Using Interfaces and Traits

In some cases it could be helpful to let the generated PHP class for data objects implement interfaces or add some additional functions using traits.


This example uses the demo project to show the usage of this features. We're extending the Cars class with methods to retrieve the transmission type as well as the amount of gears. This will be done by implementing an interface and a trait that adds the required methods.

Create the interface
// src/Model/Product/TransmissionInterface.php

namespace App\Model\Product;

interface TransmissionInterface
public function getGearboxType(): ?string;

public function getNumberOfGears(): ?int;
Create the trait

Returns a GearboxType and a number of gears.

// src/Traits/TransmissionTrait.php

namespace App\Traits;

trait TransmissionTrait
public function getGearboxType(): ?string
return "manual";

public function getNumberOfGears(): ?int
return 5;

Use it with Cars product data

Navigate to the Settings Settings -> Data Objects -> Classes -> Product Data -> Car

Click on General Settings and paste your interface and trait path into Implements interface(s) and Use (traits)

Example ScreenshotExample ScreenshotExample Screenshot

Save your changes

It will generate the implements \App\Model\Product\TransmissionInterface and the use \App\Traits\TransmissionTrait; lines within the DataObject Class.

// var/classes/DataObject/Car.php
class Car extends \App\Model\Product\AbstractProduct implements \App\Model\Product\TransmissionInterface {

use \App\Traits\TransmissionTrait;

protected $classId = "CAR";
protected $className = "Car";