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Version: 2023.1

Preview Generator


Preview Generators provide services to get more control over the preview tab. They provide a UI component to pass additional parameters to a URL-generator.

Providers need to implement: \Pimcore\Model\DataObject\ClassDefinition\PreviewGeneratorInterface

As of Pimcore 10.6, a default implementation of a PreviewGenerator is provided. You only need to add a link generator. The generated URL will then be used for the preview.

Parameters returned in the getParams method will be rendered as a select box. Whatever the user chooses will be passed to the generatePreviewUrl method.

Provide a Preview Generator within the Class settings: Preview Generator SetupPreview Generator SetupPreview Generator Setup

Sample PreviewProvider Implementation

namespace App\Service\PreviewParamProvider;

use App\Website\LinkGenerator\ProductLinkGenerator;
use Pimcore\Model\DataObject\ClassDefinition\PreviewGeneratorInterface;
use Pimcore\Model\DataObject\Concrete;

class ProductPreviewParamProvider implements PreviewGeneratorInterface
protected ProductLinkGenerator $productLinkGenerator;

public function __construct(ProductLinkGenerator $productLinkGenerator)
$this->productLinkGenerator = $productLinkGenerator;

public function generatePreviewUrl(Concrete $object, array $params): string
$additionalParams = [];
foreach($this->getPreviewConfig($object) as $paramStore) {
$paramName = $paramStore['name'];
if($paramValue = $params[$paramName]) {
$additionalParams[$paramName] = $paramValue;

return $this->productLinkGenerator->generate($object, $additionalParams);

public function getPreviewConfig(Concrete $object): array
return [
'name' => '_locale',
'label' => 'Locale',
'values' => [
'English' => 'en',
'German' => 'de'
'defaultValue' => 'en'
'name' => 'otherParam',
'label' => 'Other',
'values' => [
'Label Text' => 'value',
'Option #2' => 2,
'Custom Option' => 'custom'
'defaultValue' => 'value'

Preview Generator Example UIPreview Generator Example UIPreview Generator Example UI