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Version: 2024.2

Date Datatypes

Date, Date & Time

The date and date & time object fields are represented by a calender widget in the Pimcore GUI.

Date FieldDate FieldDate Field

In the database its data is saved either as date/datetime field type or as unix timestamp (bigint(20)) depending on the configured column type. Programmatically these data types are represented by a DateTime/Carbon Object.

Behaviour regarding user timezones

The date and date & time object fields can be configured to respect the user's timezone. If timezone support is enabled the Pimcore admin UI will display the date and time in the user's timezone. Without timezone support the date and time will be shown exactly as it was entered independent of the user's timezone.

For the date object field timezones are taken into account when the bigint column type is chosen whereas for the date column type the timezone is ignored.

For the date & time object field timezones are taken into account when the "respect timezone" option in the class editor is enabled. Disabling the timezone support will only work in combination with the datetime column type.


The time data field is the same drop down list of day times as in the date & time field.

Time FieldTime FieldTime Field

It's stored as a string in a VARCHAR(5) column in the database and can be set programmatically by simply passing a string like for example "11:00" to the field's setter.

Date Range

The dateRange object field consists of two date fields (start and end date) and can be filled with the usual calendar widget in the Pimcore GUI or programmatically via the Pimcore API.

Date Range FieldDate Range FieldDate Range Field

The two dates are stored as unix timestamps in two separate INT columns in the database. Programmatically the date range is represented by a CarbonPeriod Object.