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Version: 2023.1

Assets Upload Dialog

The upload dialog provides a multi-step wizard to upload new assets and enrich them with metadata right away during uploading.

To upload assets into a folder, the user has to have upload permissions for the folder. This is possible either for any folder in the folder structure or for the dedicated upload folder if configured for the data pool.

Starting Upload

To start the upload either drop files to the folder with upload permissions ...

Starting UploadStarting UploadStarting Upload

... or click the upload button and drop or select files there. The upload dialog also supports uploading from a URL and uploading and extracting a ZIP archive.

Upload DialogUpload DialogUpload Dialog

Meta-data dialog

The second step allows defining tags and metadata to be applied to the uploaded assets as well as renaming the files based on a schema <new-file-name>_x.

![Upload Dialog Metadata](../../img/user_docs/asset-upload-metadata.png)

File Upload

The third step is the actual upload of the files.

Upload Dialog UploadUpload Dialog UploadUpload Dialog Upload

Upload Report

After finishing the upload, the upload report lists all uploaded files with links to the detail pages and shows warnings and errors if any occurred during upload.

Upload Dialog ReportUpload Dialog ReportUpload Dialog Report