Pimcore Portal Engine

Pimcore Portal Engine allows creating outstanding Asset Experience Portals and Product Experience Portals just by configuration - no coding needed.

The created portals provide lots of out-of-the box features and allow UI customization by configuration. Additionally, it is possible to further adapt and extend the portals with custom code.

Features in a nutshell

  • Configuration of multiple portals in one system for different target groups.
  • Visualization of data from assets and data objects managed in Pimcore.
  • Search and filter for and navigate through data.
  • Manage assets by uploading, updating, deleting and editing asset metadata.
  • Download data in different formats.
  • Collect data to download carts and download them together in one ZIP file.
  • Collect data that belongs together in collections.
  • Share data and whole collections with other users and external stakeholders.
  • Permission management based on users and roles including SSO integration via OpenID Connect.
  • Multi language and multi tenant support.

Detailed Information