Awisto Business Solutions GmbH is specialized in supporting customer relationship management products for middle class industries to improve their work flows and customer management. They also offer strategy plans, schoolings and consulting for their clients.

Business Needs

Awisto was planning a major website relaunch that would provide users with extensive information about their products and services. They needed the website to encompass multiple languages and be fully customizable and editable in all areas. They needed a system that could manage multiple domains for each language.

They were looking for a solution that would not only be able to accommodate their requirements; but also, the solution needed to be user-friendly and efficient as they needed to be able to consistently maintain their website. Needing professional advice for their initiative, they sought consultation from Travix Media GmbH, to find the right solution and help them get their new website up and running.

Pimcore Solution

As Pimcore offers a hosting based engine, it was possible to design multiple websites with multiple domains for the various languages. By using master documents, the translations can be done directly within the editing interface.

All editable elements allow for a consistent layout and the flexibility to edit as the customer needs. For translations, the built-in website translator is utilized to create the individual webpages for each language. The Awisto team is also able to translate the text directly within the editor by using the shared website translations.

The website navigation is built by the tree view in the documents panel which is enabled by a plug-in. By using Pimcore’s extensive features, it was possible to include additional elements besides the recommended issues, such as a lexicon, reference list objects of their customers or partners, and an easy to design form editor.

Business Results

Using Pimcore, the website was successfully built and it encompassed the various capabilities that Awisto needed. When users approached the website, they could find what they were looking for very easily with detailed information also available. They were able to implement the various languages making it very easy to choose a desired language on the website’s homepage. Additionally, the Awisto staff could easily edit the content as needed which made website maintenance easy and efficient.

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