PIM and CMS support restaurants during the Corona crisis

Founded by two friends at Aschaffenburg, Germany, essen-abholen.de helps restaurants in providing their food services to help them through the Cronona pandemic.

A good idea to help in hard times

Cedrik Bormann and Sebastian Adam from Aschaffenburg had a good idea to create a platform to help restaurants during the Corona crisis. In only two days they implemented a static website. On this platform, restaurants can register for free to offer a pick-up or delivery service.

Intera starts support with Pimcore and manpower

„Your support, motivation and dedication has inspired us very much - a huge praise and thank you to each and every one of you!“
Cedrik Bormann, essen-abholen.de

When we heard about this idea, our team was immediately hooked on it to support this project free of charge. The great response from the restaurants resulted in an enormous manual effort for data maintenance. Together with our team, the existing platform was converted to a professional Pimcore basis within one day.

New features such as registration form, keyword and proximity search, and the dynamic map display were developed in parallel in close coordination. By using various resources and services, the team at essen-abholen.de can now continue to develop independently.

Pimcore shows itself as a strong platform

Our priority was a fast implementation because a large amount of data could hardly be maintained manually. Thanks to Pimcore we managed to get all data models, a CMS and many features up and running within only two working days. The maintenance effort is much lower. New restaurants are online after a short check. And the hungry visitors are served after a few mouse clicks.

All involved parties are satisfied

We are all highly satisfied with the result and also a little proud that we were able to make a contribution together in this crisis.

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