Zorboog is a healthcare institution that provides medical services to people of all ages including maternity care, pediatrics, homecare, and rehabilitation. They have 45 locations in the south of the Netherlands. 

Business Needs

Zorboog’s website was not user-friendly or organized professionally making it very difficult for potential clients to find the information that they were looking for.  They were originally using a poorly developed Content Management System (CMS) that did not allow them to update the content themselves, and therefore much of the information displayed on their website was outdated.  The website was not responsive and could not be viewed on mobile devices or tablets which prevented many clients from viewing the website at all. They needed a reliable CMS that would allow them to easily build and maintain a website that would be organized properly and easy for their clients to maneuver.

Pimcore Solution

Through Qforma, Zorgboog was advised to use Pimcore’s CMS system to maintain their website.  The solution allowed them to create a new navigation where all different types of clients could find the information they were looking for.  The content of the website could be easily updated by their internal team and could be made live in real-time.  With Pimcore’s advanced permissioning features, Zorgboog was able to permit access of the website’s backend to only the employees who they wanted to have the access – they could restrict or grant access as needed to the various sections of the website. All the website assets could be easily uploaded into the system where they could be maintained.  

Business Results

The new website was so successful, that it became their most important means of communication with clients and potential clients.  With clients being able to easily find the information they were looking for, they were better able to utilize Zorgboog’s services bringing about an increased client base.  As the information was so easily able to be maintained, the most up-to-date information was consistently displayed which prevented clients from being misled.  The website provided them with new opportunities for SEO, allowing them to understand more about their client base and gave them insight into how to strengthen their marketing techniques.  With the new and responsive design, the website became accessible on all devices including mobile phone and tablets.  All in all, Pimcore’s solution help strengthen their business. 

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