Bossert Services is an online shop for business and consumer customers. They run various types of online consumer shops, including a project called Kinogutschein (KGS) which is a platform that sells cinema vouchers via their website.

Business Needs

Kinogutschein had an online service that was inefficient in many ways and was experiencing tremendous difficulties. Firstly, there was no opportunity for cross-selling which limited their sales efforts. There was no option to pay with a credit card which made it difficult for online shoppers and thus decreased the amount of overall sales.

There was a lack of automated processes, which meant reporting of daily activities to the logistic partner had to be done manually. Processing payments and sending orders also had to be done manually – this took a lot of time which took away time they could have been spending on other business initiatives. Because of all this manual work, mistakes were often made which lead to business inefficiencies and customer complaints. They needed a solution that could integrate a credit card payment option, automated processes, and a reliable marketing campaign solution.

Pimcore Solution

Through a consultation from Nambu, KGS was advised to use Pimcore to solve their various business needs. With the new solution, a credit card payment option was able to be implemented. Also, various automatic statistics used for controlling and accounting were made available making things much easier for their staff.

With Pimcore, they also Implemented an interface for the logistic partner where they could view statistics of the daily activities. In addition, an interface to the postcard payment provider for payment authorization was also made available.

Business Results

With the use of Pimcore, KGS saw many different business enhancements. First, with the new credit card system they received an increase in sales with 25% of the orders being made with a credit card payment. Controlling the entire system now only takes 1/10 of the time which gives the staff more time that they can use more efficiently.

With the new campaign and AdWords system, they were able to reduce marketing costs by 20% because of conversion tracking and according to the gained information optimization of campaigns and keywords

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