MEFAscan app for quick product ordering

MEFA has been developing, producing, and selling mounting systems for sanitary, heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation technology as well as plant engineering and construction in Germany and Europe (Italy, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, and Spain) for over 70 years.

Business Challenge

Before Pimcore was introduced as e-commerce software, the MEFA website had a deep, complex navigation structure with numerous filters to organize the products. The ordering process was complicated, and the product data was manually prepared for various media such as the catalog, online shop, and price lists, which took up a lot of time and resources.

Pimcore Solution

A powerful, user-friendly B2B shop was developed with Pimcore, which includes PIM, DAM, a CDM, Web2Print, and omni-channel publishing, a fast Algolia search and a MEFAscan app, which is described in more detail below.
An intuitive, user-friendly, multilingual MEFAscan app was programmed for MEFA in German and English. It is used by MEFA customers to quickly scan articles via barcode labels with EAN numbers and place them in the shopping cart without having to manually enter all products with article numbers, which would be quite error-prone.
The app was implemented as a lean solution to simplify the ordering process. It connects to the mobile, responsive shop through which the order is placed.
Using the app’s multiple shopping cart system, several shopping carts can be created simultaneously for different product groups. To see customer-specific prices and place an order, the customer logs in to the login area of their customer account using their e-mail address and password.
Retailers who do not have a customer account yet can register as new customers with their full contact details. Articles in the app’s shopping cart can also be sent by e-mail using the Mail button.

Example: MEFA customer scans products that are required

A production employee works in a high-bay warehouse and needs numerous MEFA products for their work. In order to quickly scan all the articles and place them in the shopping cart, they use the MEFAscan app. This eliminates the tedious task of manually typing all of the item numbers. The app then connects to the mobile MEFA Shop. Customers log in to the shop's login area using their e-mail address and password, so customer-specific prices are shown.
Several shopping carts can be created and ordered at the same time via the multiple shopping cart system. The app can also be used to send a message by e-mail, e.g., to MEFA customer service or to colleagues in purchasing to place an order. The shopping carts are stored in Pimcore, in the app, and on the server to secure the data.

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  • MEFA Befestigungs- und Montagesysteme GmbH
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