Syntace. High End bike parts and bikes

The owner-managed company Syntace develops, produces and sells bike parts and bikes (under the brand name Liteville). Syntace has been the benchmark in innovation and technology for decades, confirmed by countless test victories. The products are formative for an entire industry and trend-setting for the future.

Business Needs

Together with the internationalization of sales, Syntace is consistently implementing the new digital sales strategy. With the exception of the countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland, all products will in future be sold around the globe via the e-commerce channel. In future, Pimcore will not only manage all Syntace products with product information such as attributes, images, PDFs and user manuals, but also the entire product and marketing texts. Further requirements were the administration of any number of languages such as Chinese.

Pimcore Solution

„Never maintain content twice again!“

Syntace chose the Pimcore PIM and DAM solution. Pimcore partner was the agency twocream from Wuppertal. twocream received the order for the complete implementation of the project with technical conception, development and integration. The twocream team created a data model in Pimcore according to the specific Syntace requirements. Among other things, the project required the freely definable inheritance options of attributes to subsidiary objects and the modular administration of text modules.

Business Results

Thanks to Pimcore, it was not only easy to assign the appropriate attributes to the products. The inheritance of information also significantly reduces the amount of maintenance and the error rate. Pimcore is Syntace's new information base and reliably contains all information. With Pimcore Syntace can perform data updates at any time and ensure that all product information is up to date. Although the leading system remains the ERP system Navision, Pimcore as PIM/DAM system plays an important and extensive role in the system architecture.

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