Recipe database with natural language processing and unit conversion is an initiative of Oetker Digital and the perfect place for creative, delicious recipes. No matter if you are looking for a particular baking recipe, want to be inspired or are looking for suitable DIYs - on this page you are right.

Business Challenge

Recipes are the universal language of cooking. Thanks to step-by-step instructions, users can quickly understand how a certain dish can be made. However, data preparation of recipes requires lots of work. If done manually, listing the individual ingredients, the necessary utensils and calculating the required cooking time for each recipe,  can be quite time-consuming.

Pimcore Solution

To optimize the maintenance for currently 600+ recipes, a master data management system was implemented. Its natural language processing capabilities automated large parts of data management. Automatic listing and calculation of all ingredients, utensils and baking phases provides more efficient content creation workflows. Pimcore handles all data and allows a user-friendly presentation including previewing data for respective output channels. Recipes can be quickly grouped into categories or occasions. Color customizations and designs as well as landing pages can be created at the push of a button.


The content generation system assists the writers and makes the writing process more efficient and effective. The recipes are put together in a simple manner by combining the names, quantities, units and cooking methods. The system generates the recipe based on natural language generation algorithms.


For generating the list of ingredients, including the quantities, no manual input is required. The data is automatically calculated based on the individual elements of the step-by-step instructions. Example:

Step 1: Put 200 ml of milk and 125 g of butter in a small saucepan and heat the mixture until the butter has melted.
Step 3: Now you distribute 100 g of butter in small pieces on the depressions in the dough.

Based on these two components, the system knows that a total of 225g of butter is needed and indicates the exact amount in the list of ingredients.

Business Results

Maximum flexibility and fast adaptation of data records in little time with better data quality.

Pimcore Strategic Partner
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