For over 50 years Bornack has offered holistic concepts for rope protection by providing customers with a complete package of safety products for working on ropes at heights and depths. From the risk analysis on the design and installation, to training, maintenance and repair – Bornack offers a fully comprehensive package. Bornack develops an individual solution for every security problem. The starting point for every task is the careful analysis of the special requirements of their customers.

Business Needs

Bornack needed to relaunch their website if they wanted to maintain a thriving business. They needed a way to display all their products and associated data on their website so that customers can access all product information in one place. The solution needed to allow for the products to be issued in a catalog on the website which can be filtered depending on the sector, industry, or product area. They wanted their customers to have access to accurate information where they could educate themselves on the product, thus prompting them to make a buying decision in their favor.

Furthermore, training materials for products and application courses need to be made available on the website with the ability to view the training schedule and book training appointments. All in all, they needed a secure and scalable solution where they could store, maintain, and ultimately display all product data.

Pimcore Solution

Through consultation by Travix Media, Bornack was advised to use Pimcore as their comprehensive PIM solution to relaunch their website. Using Pimcore, a system was created where a large collection of images could be stored along with the text that is associated with the image. From this storage center, the data could be maintained and easily displayed on the new website.

Within the solution, the products are classified into various categories, where users are able to filter and search for exactly what they needed. A lengthy product information section was created where users can view images as well as detailed product information.

The pimcore solution also allowed for an efficient means of providing training information as well as scheduling training sessions. The training and appointments were easily linked together where users can view training information and be directed to a booking calendar for that specific training. The booking form was made with HTML and Javascript to enable the smooth interaction.

Business Results

The re-launch of Bornack’s website was very successful as Pimcore allowed them to implement all the features and functionality that they required. Because they were able to implement a well-organized and efficient PIM where they could store and maintain all their product data – they could then easily maintain a product catalog on their website.

Each product was displayed in a 360 degree images with extensive details to complement each product. With a comprehensive product catalog in place on their new website, Bornack increased website traffic, satisfied website users, and ultimately prompted them to make purchases. In addition, they could serve as an information source for their industry, thus enhancing their brand and overall exposure.

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