Spare parts service software for ri werkstattservice

ri werkstattservice is a workshop service provider who arranges orders for vehicle spare parts between workshops and suppliers. The arrangements are made with approx. 850 workshops and 50 spare parts suppliers. As a digital agency, we have created a modern internet presence for ri werkstattservice with Pimcore in order to present the services in the best way possible. We have also customized the Pimcore backend to support workflows, order processing and communication with garages and suppliers.

Business Challenge

The company’s main job is communication and mediation between workshops and suppliers, which includes the following subareas:
  • Acceptance and forwarding of customer concerns.
  • Handling orders, reorders and complaints.
  • Communication interface and contact for complications.
  • Providing statistics and information for garages related to suppliers, orders and complaints.

Pimcore Solution

The Pimcore backend has been enhanced with the following features to better support the workflow:
  • Alert messages for new orders/complaints, which can be opened and edited immediately with one click.
  • Immediate sending of emails from orders/complaints to suppliers.
  • Triggering of repeat orders and complaints for ordering with telephone request.
  • User-defined input masks and search fields in order to save the master data in a purchase order as quickly as possible because the standard Pimcore masks are less than optimal for ri werkstattservice.
The customer center for workshops contains a complete overview of all relevant information about:
  • Ordering spare parts: Creation and dispatch of orders based on texts and PDFs.
  • Complaint management: Creation and dispatch of complaints about orders based on texts and PDFs.
  • Workshop statistics: Graphs, charts and lists of the number of orders and complaints, top brands, complaint reasons and rates.

In the future, it will also be possible to handle vehicle leasing through the integration of the e-commerce framework.

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  • ri werkstattservice
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