Telin Indonesia Upgraded Its CMS

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin) is the World’s hub for Telecommunication, Information, Media, Edutainment, and Services. It focuses on international telecommunication business and serves as Telkom’s business arms in managing and developing its business lines abroad.

Business Needs

The client’s existing content management system (CMS) was obsolete. The website’s security was very low. The marketing team was finding it hard to timely update the content due to the inflexibility and unfriendliness of their CMS.

Pimcore Solution

Telin Indonesia would like to revamp their website as a digital touchpoint for all stakeholders with the main objective to increase the security of their website as well as represent their corporate image and showcase all products and services in an intuitive way. Pimcore WCM was selected and implemented to resolve these existing challenges.

Business Results

Using Pimcore, now Telin is able to manage all of the content for their entire website. They are able to create a state-of-the-art website for showing the brand visibility. With easy-to-use CMS with WSYWIG editor and clear workflow, the marketing team can now update the content smoothly and faster than before. Besides that, with Pimcore’s dynamic form, the marketing team can easily build any form required to execute the campaign timely.

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