Doctor Vanita Gupta

Dr. Vanita Gupta practices Gynecology in Hyderabad, India, offering patients state-of-the-art treatment programs. She practices the most advanced means of treating women for all forms of Gynecological issues. She is renowned for her diagnostic and surgical expertise and is affiliated with top professional and medical organizations. The doctor and her team of highly qualified healthcare professionals treat women throughout their reproductive years and beyond, assessing and addressing their needs at all stages of life. 

Business Needs

Dr. Vanita Gupta's practice had multiple primary administration systems that all required separate maintenance which impacted the operational efficiency. The challenges in allocation of work to staff members and accessing Gynecology and Obstetrician patient’s information reduced patient satisfaction.

As all medical practices do, Dr. Vanita Gupta needed a health care portal to manage a high volume of sensitive medical information (both content and images) related to her patient’s and overall medical practice.  They needed a solution that would be scalable to keep up with the growing medical practice and all the data that came along with this. 

Their overall goal was to have a centralized health care portal to share all the content and images among facilities, doctors and nursing staff. This would enable them to collaborate, communicate and access the patient’s history as needed. Moreover, she wanted strong security to surround the patient’s records and simplify the entire patient management structure.  They also wanted to create an interactive webpage that would enable users to learn about the practice and where they could fill out a form to request an appointment.  

Pimcore Solution

In search of a suitable solution, Dr. Vanita Gupta approached, Ray Business Technologies PVT Ltd to create a scalable health care Product Information Management (PIM) solution.  Pimcore was able to manage every aspect of each master product record including hierarchy, structure, versioning and enriching master data with attributes, descriptions, documentation and other related data components within the

The customized solution included a robust set of features and functionality.  Pimcore was able to be configured with master product data from a diverse data set.  Scripts were designed that minimized the manual procedures by automating the process.  The solution could integrate with multiple legacy systems including Sap, Salesforce, and SharePoint.  There was also an automated process of sending notifications to users regarding any updates to the system including new documents or updates to existing data.  

Business Results

The health care portal developed by Ray Business Technologies transformed the entire Gynecology and Obstetrician patient management process. Measurable benefits were realized at the operational level within a short time after project execution. 

The staff could record all patient information in a single database which allowed for organization and up-to-date data.  With all data stored in a single location, medical staff could easily access patient information in real-time as frequently as they needed which lead to more efficiency when treating patients.  With the new automated processes and ease of use that Pimcore provided, there was enhanced productivity among staff which lead to overall enhanced treatment and services for patients.

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