Website Relaunch for premium brand for roof drainage accessories

GRÖMO produces connecting parts for roof gutters and rainwater pipes from materials like stainless steel, zinc, copper, steel and aluminum and is market leader in Germany and Europe. Requirements that also apply for the relaunch for the international web presence.

Import of product data from ERP

A integrated and API-driven as well as a service oriented software architecture enable comprehensive connectivity to a variety od corporate systems and the ERP. GRÖMO imports product data from ERP into Pimcore.

Website CMS

All technical and non-technical users have access to the CMS. Thanks to many WYSIWIG components and intense use of drag-and-drop functionalities, the editors benefit from a intutitive user interface.

Web2Print Solution

The yearly product catalog and pricelists may be generated within a breeze and are being provided with current product data and high quality images. The ready-to-print PDF documents are being delivered directly from within the Pimcore system.

The current GRÖMO portfolio with more than 1,800 professional products for plumbers, roofing contractors and construction professional is being displayed on about 11 pages. Additionally, QR codes refer to the corresponding product video.

Not only excels the design of the catalog which was adapted to a new corporate design. Also, the contents stands out. The new structure leads the customer to the desired products significantly faster. For every chapter, there is an introductory page with a table of contents for better orientation. The display of the individual products clearly focusses on what the customer needs for his selection and order.

What else is new?

In times of smartphone and other mobile devices, QR codes are not to be missed. Behind every QR code, there is a corresponding video, so take your mobile device and there goes the video.

Pimcore generates a PDF for the product catalog as well as for the pricelist.

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