Digital Asset Consolidation

Pimcore digital asset management platform provides a powerful central repository for any type of digital asset and its meta-data. It provides a vast array of digital asset management features. These include VR/360 images, automatic face recognition, image editing, versioning, tagging, scheduling and more. Compatible with any amount and any file format, Pimcore is enterprise-ready open source DAM solution for managing your any media assets.

Asset Organization & Management

Pimcore provides the most user-friendly experience for digital asset management. Its unique interface powered by core concepts like the multi-tab interface and the contextual navigation make it incredibly fast and easy to manage and enrich assets. Use directory structures for organization, or the grid interface for easy and fast access.

Meta-Data Management

Pimcore ensures the easy and consistent curation and metadata management of digital assets. By providing a flexible and highly configurable meta-data management model and an easy to use tagging module, a transition to meaningful and searchable asset collections comes true.

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Media Transformation

Automatic image conversion and video transcoding based on Pimcore’s advanced transformation pipelines effectively solves relevant topics like different resolutions, conversion of bit-rates, DPIs, color profiles and responsive states for all different output channels. Automatically generate the right images for a webshop - cropped, resized, and in the correct format. No matter the size or the volume, Pimcore DAM solution will get the job done.

Preview Anything

Previewing assets in Pimcore digital asset management platform is comfortable and easy as it is compatible with more than 220 different file formats such as vector formats, bitmap formats, Office documents, PDFs and several different video codecs. The rich preview and transformation functionalities will make your day.

Supported file formats

Image Editing

Pimcore integrates a web-based image editing component. Based on miniPaint, the image editor is primary for easy image manipulation tasks such as color correction and cropping. For integrating alternative image processing workflows, it provides a WebDAV interface.


Pimcore DAM integrates Pimcore PIM as a product information management and master data management system, for managing product data. It seamlessly integrates with digital asset management and provides interfaces for integrating asset data into product data.

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Feature Overview

Digital Asset Consolidation
Pimcore provides a powerful central repository for any type of digital asset and its meta-data.
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Metadata Management
Pimcore makes sure that enterprise metadata management remains easy and consistent.
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Asset Portal
Pimcore Asset Portal is an image library for marketing teams. It’s a commercial extension.
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Workflow Management
Pimcore includes an advanced workflow engine to define business processes and editorial workflows.
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Digital Asset Delivery
Easy integration with other systems make Pimcore the ideal enterprise content hub.
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“Pimcore provides a solid technological base with a very versatile API. Despite of Pimcore’s versatility, the architecture is very transparent and performance-oriented”
Simon Matt, Head of Technology
TUI Holding GmbH, Innsbruck, Austria

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