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Businesses often need to provide promotional materials, media files, technical documentation or press material for distribution to business partners. For this purpose, giving access to external users through the Pimcore administrative backend might not be a suitable option. A solution is the Asset Portal. It is an image library for marketing teams. This commercial extension to Pimcore digital asset management platform offers an alternative view – especially for marketing teams, press, photographers and external agencies – on all assets managed in Pimcore's Open Source DAM solution. Simplified and clean, easily extensible and customizable.

Pimcore Asset Portal is a central location for sharing, storing, and collaborating on media assets. The organization of media assets is based on file structures and folders and is identical to the traditional Pimcore digital asset management platform backend.

Pimcore Asset Portal integrates advanced search functionalities to easily find media assets based on their meta-data, organizational structure or tags. The search functionality includes saved searches and configurable filters to even more speed up the search process.

Creating asset collections is a special feature of the Pimcore Asset Portal. Asset collections provide a way to virtually group media assets into collections. A collection could be a virtual category or theme (e.g. Summer 2018 products, hotels in the US,…).

Within Pimcore Asset Portal, digital assets can be shared with specified expiration dates and restricted media quality settings, to social sites like Facebook and Twitter, and through restricted portals. Shares can be either public or restricted to certain users or user groups.

Compared to the traditional Pimcore backend, Pimcore Asset Portal provides the possibility of batch editing meta-data when uploading or modifying multiple files at once.

Video demonstration

Watch a 10 minute video demonstration to learn more about the features and to see them in detail. Of course we also provide private, guided demo tours on request. If you are interested, please contact us using the form below. Keep in mind that Asset Portal is extendable and can be customized with additional features easily. It provides granular access controls which make it easy to grant the right level of access to any person, any group, any content.

User Documentation & Public Demo

Our User Documentation provides additional screenshots and a functional description of all features.

Use following credentials to access the Public Demo.

User: dam-admin
Pass: demo

Pricing & Customization

Design and user interface of this module can be adjusted exactly to your requirements. This Enterprise Extension is provided directly by the Pimcore company and by selected partners and extends the native functionality of the Pimcore stack. The extension is only available to subscribers of the Pimcore Enterprise Subscription.

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