We love data. And we love the challenges associated with it. COMM AG data designs and develops digital solutions to face the challenges of the modern, complex and dynamic world. For our international customers, we analyze and optimize digital infrastructure, realize state of the art websites, and develop software solutions that not only fit the requirements of today but are ready for the challenges of the future. Therefore we created DIMAEX – a headless software solution specially designed to meet the requirements of the modern multi-channel world. DIMAEX headless design makes it easy to manage, publish and track all your companies information in one place and create unique automation and workflows to increase your efficiency in the areas of communication, organization, and recruiting for up to 70%.


COMM AG is based in Innsbruck, Rosenheim, and Vienna and unites years of experience and outstanding expertise in the fields of digital consulting (COMM AG data), marketing (COMM AG creative), and photorealistic visualization (COMM AG 3 dimension).

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COMM AG Communication Agency GmbH
Im Gewerbegebiet 17
83093 Bad Endorf
+49 8053 5308510

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Behandlungszentrum Aschau GmbH

Kind im Zentrum combines the Orthopedic Children's Hospital in Aschau and a differentiated educational, medical-therapeutic and curative education support program for children, adolescents and young adults with physical, mental and multiple disabilities in the curative education centers in Aschau, Piding and Ruhpolding.
DXP/CMS, PIM/MDM, DAM, Healthcare

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