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JNC Tech is a custom software development shop located in Atlantic Canada. Since 2015 we have been servicing clients across North America in medium business, enterprise and public sector.

JNC was founded on the principles of continual learning and continual improvement. We´re firm believers that the methods of how you work directly affect the quality of your work. We never consider anything we do perfect, but always strive to get as close to that mark as possible. Our team meets frequently to review our current practices, discuss improvements we can make to streamline our operations and then focus on implementing these changes. Our internal software development practices for all projects must meet a thorough internal specification that ensure all projects are delivered with high quality. These principles have helped us gain and retain our customers. 
We have developed solutions for many industries including insurance, food service, aquaculture and sports medicine. Within these industries we have created stand-alone web portals, PIM systems, ERP integrations, mobile applications, financial tools and performed data migrations. Our team develops using most any language, but specializes in .NET, PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL and Java. We use DevOps tools and practices like Docker, Jenkins and GitFlow to ensure that all code is easy to develop and deploy.  

We are using Pimcore for
10% Mobile Apps
50% Custom Software Development
40% PIM & E-Commerce
Pimcore Focus
  • Experience Management,
  • Data Management
Pimcore Silver Partner
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Since 2018

JNC Tech
2-133 Queen Street
C1A-4B3 Charlottetown
+1 9026267910

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