Digital Asset Management Platform Benefits

Pimcore`s powerful Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform consolidates and centralizes all your digital media assets by enabling 24/7 asset distribution and brand consistency. It helps you generate optimum value from your media files by streamlining their accessibility and sharing, in real-time.

Escape Silos and Scattered Data

Siloed and scattered assets with poor data quality can prevent your digital transformation strategies from achieving their maximum potential. With Pimcore's DAM the fragmented chunks of digital media content lying in disparate platforms, data banks, hard drives, isolated cloud server or corporate networks can be connected easily.

By interlinking key software systems, smart data sharing can be unleashed to efficiently steer the digital media workflow. Any digital asset of any quantity can be consolidated in a central place and can be accessed anytime throughout the enterprise. This arrangement of assets can be instrumental in creating competent processes.

Pimcore's DAM can be your flexible digital asset management application, providing all the needed functionalities to consolidate, enrich, translate and manage digital assets. Enterprises can eliminate their digital transformation woes, overwhelming complexities by integrating Pimcore Data Manager into their strategy.

Brand Consistency

Maintaining brand consistency and compliance in your rich media assets disseminated on several channels can be a challenge. Pimcore's DAM can give you full control over your branding by helping you share assets from a single consolidated place.

Seamless integration with software systems will keep you in sync with your brand guidelines, in this expanding digital landscape. Pimcore's open source DAM empowers stakeholders across the board, including your marketing and sales teams, while simultaneously reinforcing your consumers' trust on your brand. It can also help you distribute content on multiple channels, at once.      

Pimcore allows you to maintain brand consistency by providing the right media, at the right time to the right audience through the right channel. It incorporates all your business assets such as logos, brochures, images, videos and copy that have to be available 24/7 globally.

Seamless Customer Experience

With personalized experiences gaining more and more significance, brand managers and marketers are utilizing rich media content to engage end-users in the right moment.


Pimcore makes all your digital media assets available, all the time – on a global scale. It’s the central storage, where all media assets are cataloged, translated, provided with meta-data and finally tagged and made searchable. After these processes, assets are ready for distribution based on certain workflows and user rights.

The seamless access and consistency provided by Pimcore's DAM elevates the buying experience as real-time content is shared with customers, helping them decide what's right for them.

Pimcore's digital asset management comes with omni-channel compatibility that lets you deliver digital media content on multiple output channels in multiple feeds/formats, while meeting the requisite quality standards to facilitate the overall customer journey from discovery to engagement to buying.

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