Digital Asset Delivery

Easy integration with other systems make Pimcore the ideal enterprise content hub.

Pimcore API

Pimcore's "connect anything" architecture and its holistic API driven approach, enable an unimaginable manner of connectivity with business enterprise systems or external 3rd party applications. Either use the native PHP API or the also full-featured RESTful API for a two-way real-time communication with other systems.

Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

For global enterprise asset management scenarios, a hybrid of local DAM and global distribution of assets with CDN makes sense. Pimcore can be integrated with Amazon S3 Asset Store, Microsoft Azure Asset Store and many other CDN systems.

Feature Overview

Digital Asset Management
Pimcore provides a powerful central repository for any type of digital asset and its meta-data.
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Metadata Management
Pimcore makes sure that enterprise metadata management remains easy and consistent.
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Asset Portal
Pimcore Asset Portal is an image library for marketing teams. It’s a commercial extension.
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Workflow Management
Pimcore includes an advanced workflow engine to define business processes and editorial workflows.
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Digital Asset Delivery
Easy integration with other systems make Pimcore the ideal enterprise content hub.
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“Pimcore provides a solid technological base with a very versatile API. Despite of Pimcore’s versatility, the architecture is very transparent and performance-oriented”
Simon Matt, Head of Technology
TUI Holding GmbH, Innsbruck, Austria

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