Digital Asset Management Portal

Pimcore Asset Portal is an image library for marketing teams. It’s a commercial extension to Pimcore DAM and offers an alternative view – especially for marketing teams – on all Pimcore managed assets. Pimcore's open source digital asset management module is a full Enterprise DAM system that integrates seamlessly with your system landscape (CMS, eCommerce, Adobe InDesign). Using the DAM and the Pimcore Workflow Engine, you can optimize your workflows and save valuable file management time.

Pimcore Asset Portal is a central location for sharing, storing, and collaborating on media assets. The organization of media assets is based on file structures and folders and is identical to the traditional Pimcore DAM backend.

Pimcore Asset Portal integrates advanced search functionalities to easily find media assets based on their meta-data, organizational structure or tags. The search functionality includes saved searches and configurable filters to even more speed up the search process.

Creating asset collections is a special feature of the Pimcore Asset Portal. Asset collections provide a way to virtually group media assets into collections. A collection could be a virtual category or theme (e.g. Summer 2018 products, hotels in the US,…).

Within Pimcore Asset Portal, digital assets can be shared with specified expiration dates and restricted media quality settings, to social sites like Facebook and Twitter, and through restricted portals. Shares can be either public or restricted to certain users or user groups.

Compared to the traditional Pimcore backend, the Pimcore Asset Portal provides the possibility of batch editing of meta-data for multiple uploads.

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