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Pimcore Commerce, part of the Pimcore Platform, is the most flexible unified platform for digital B2C and B2B commerce and order management, predicted and initiated by AI. But we’re also leading the way on delivering solutions that support a better customer experience. Whatever comes next, Pimcore helps you scale your digital business.

Comparison Table

Most Competitors
Pimcore Commerce
Accessible technology stack
Their technology stack is not accessible. Commercial closed source software incurs high license, update and maintenance fees, and ties companies to the manufacturer over the long term.
Technology stack fully accessible. Open source software provides many standard components and enables companies to select an IT service provider of their choice for lower integration and consulting costs.
Flexibility for customization
Standard software always covers a certain standard - the name says it all. Functional extensions are manufacturer-dependent, which makes independent development impossible.
Extend the platform to meet your specific needs without purchasing additional niche solutions, with a framework that enables customization and flexible feature enhancements.
Ease of integration
Limited interfaces make it necessary to adjust your processes to the software. Smallscale vendors often cannot meet the requirements of enterprises.
Easy integration because our software adapts to your processes - not the other way round - to ensure your Commerce Experience runs smoothly.
Multiple go-to-market models
They lack the ability to support more than one go-to-market model on one platform, fragmenting your processes and systems.
Deliver a consistent commerce experience across all your go-to-market models with solutions for retail, direct to consumer (B2C), indirect via distributors or resellers (B2B2C), and selling to organizations (B2B).
Time to market and total cost of ownership
They don’t feature data and experience management in one platform, making it necessary to build and maintain costly, time-consuming integrations between your PIM, DAM, CMS and commerce platforms.
More than 70 percent of content commerce projects, are deployed in less than six months, including PIM and DAM. So you can realize value faster, lowering your total cost of ownership by using a single digital customer experience platform.

How analysts think we compare

As one in only five companies in the digital commerce space, Pimcore has been named in Gartner's prestigious "Cool Vendors in Digital Commerce" 2018 report. This publication is known for recognizing disruptive firms that deliver rapid transformation projects, optimize the use of technology and solve challenges which have been around for a long time.

Citing examples of trailblazers such as Amazon and Netflix that have relied on open-source technology to excel in customer experience, the report touched upon the infinite possibilities of innovation open-source software presents.

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